Anna Farron is a calm and quiet girl who preferrs to stick to logic as opposed to random impulse. She is a highly intelligent woman who has a tendency to get nervous and ill tempered when she does not know whats going on.

On pesterchum she is known as scientaiDivinum [SD] is one of the sessions four alpha kids. Anna, types in maroon red and her quirk consists of accidental slashes, the more thab occasional typo along with an over use of strong vocabulary// (that she is so proud of.)

She entered the game and was notably not very thrilled about it and entered into the Land Of Science and Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia [1] (LOSAH)

She weilds the Beaker-Kind strife specibus, is the Seer of Doom and dreams on Derse .


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Personality and TraitsEdit

Being slightly arrogant and hot headed, Anna has gotten herself into various difficult situations, including the numerous amounts of times the lizard she mutated managed to escape its holding cell and wreaked havoc on both her home and her physical person. She rarely hesitates to flaunt her immense vocabulary in an attempt to convince the others around her that she is as smart as she states she is, though it may just be an attempt to convince herself more than others. She has the habit of over thinking a situation, causing her to make some miss calculations in both her experiments and in her personal plans during the game.

She attempts to make her intelligence apparent on any occasion that may occur as it is very important to her, attempting to make it clear to those in her session that she is the one to come to if making an important decision.

Put these someplace Later Jordan Edit

Her handle refers to her love of science (Scientai being the latin word for science) much as it refers to her symbol, a science beaker, her hair is long and slightly curled, along with being an astonishing raven black.