The Variegation WarEdit

The variegation war was an ongoing battle that was lead by The Prisoner in an attempt to create equality and mutual respect between the blood hues. This war occurred during the time of the Signless, but was a separate, and far more frontal movement.

There were two main sides in the war, split mainly by low-bloods and high-bloods as the lower castes fought for respect and rights, and the opposing class lead by The Cardinal under direct orders from The Condescension; aimed to retain their high status.

The records of these events were recorded three separate times. Once from a member of the Rebellion ( The Nurturer ), once from the Opposition ( The Torturer ), and once from a free-lance neutral party ( The Inflamed ).

Important Members of the RebellionEdit

The Prisoner - Acted as the leader and figurehead of the rebellion.

The Profound - Acted as co-leader, professionalized in speeches, gathering information and organizing                                  attack strategies. 

The Unstable - Frequently acted as an 'attack dog', decoy or instigator. Usually attended the head of large                           battles. Was thought to be the most physically powerful troll to have ever lived and was                                   ultimately the cause of the descision that lead to the execution of the limebloods.

The Nurturer - Acted as a main recruiter. Credited for involving mid-bloods in the wars. Valued informant.

Important Members of the OppositionEdit

The Cardinal - Acted as the highly feared figurehead of the opposition. Well known for his high favor with the                        Condesce, his determination and brutality.

The Seconder - Acted as the Cardinal's invaluable assistant and personal weapon. An extremely powerful                               combatant. The Seconder was both greatly admired and feared from both ends of the war.


-- To be continued --