Ikarie 2

Ikarie Marada, also known by her Trollian handle SanguinemInpietas [SI] is one of the session post-scratch trolls and one of the original nine who intended to play the session. She is also the first in the server-client links and one of the three sesison leaders.  

Her handle refers to her in a number of ways, though most notably her blood hue. (The word Sanguinem being the Latin word for blood.) It is unknown at this time how the second pert of her handle (Inpeietas / Betrayal) Refers to the character.

Her assigned symbol is similar to Cancer's, though the two circular patterns of each respective mark are connected to the tail of the opposite by a short line. Her horns are short and curve over her head , resembling a heart shape.

Because of her mutant blood, Ikarie does not follow the hemotypeing trend, rather posing as a yellow blooded troll and typing in the respective color. Her typing quirk consists of ____

Her land is the Land of Love and Heartbreak (LOLAH).


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