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Kira is and always was a little bit of a preppy girl. She is the oldest of the four kids at 16 years old, and quite possibly the most absent minded. She has long black hair, silver eyes and a greek style hairpiece to hold her ponytail. She wears short-shorts, a T-shirt with a picture of a cow on it, and over-sized running shoes. 

On pesterchum her handle is kimPossible [KP] And she types in plain black text. She has a habit of using double emotes, for example:

) :) ,   :( :( ,  >=O >=O 

She wields the Sawkind strife specibus, is the Sylph of Time and dreams on DERSE. Her patron troll is Darren Travai.


Kira was initially raised by her father, on a ranch near Edmonton Alberta. She lived most of her life in quiet isolation, attending school from home with her very young adopted brother, and spending her free time either chatting online or playing outdoor games like jump-rope or hop-scotch with past neighbors.

She had always had a love of animals -- namely a cow that she's raised from a calf. She also has a snake, a cat and a large talking bird, all of which she keeps in her room. at a young age, she began special from-home modeling classes and was quick to excel and even placed in out-of-town competitions no less than three separate times.

As she got older, she befriended Kyle, Alex and Niki via the internet.

Kira showed a lot of enthusiasm about playing SBURB despite her gaming inexperience.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kira is a quirky one-- She has grown up with a confidence about her that society builds around the visually gifted. She likes to be the one to get the ball rolling and is a natural lead socially... However, she’s not the brightest... in fact, she’s kind of stupid. She often has issues with trivial things like physical appearances or the state of her makeup, and talks using popular slang terms often even in verbal speech because of her low vocabulary.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The Slyph of Time believes that time heals all wounds. They can speed up time in a concentrated area in order to accelerate healing so that their allies can get back out onto the battlefield ASAP.