The Land of Feathers and Chaos (Abbreviated as LOFAC) is Jeklin Strelt's planet in The Medium. Jeklin's hive remained on a patch of earth surrounded by sharp jutting stones where the earth slopes down in a hill on all sides. 

Terrain and Inhabitants Edit

This land is best recognized by the hoards, mounds and torrents of feathers that are constantly being blown around at wicked speeds through the land, and by the consistent sound of explosions in the distance. The ground underfoot is pearly white stone with abnormal jutting protrusions -- making it very hard to distinguish land from empty space among the feathers. Visitors can see approximately twenty feet in front of them in the absolute best 

conditions, making this land excruciatingly difficult to navigate. 

The native inhabitants of LOFAC are bird like creatures that stand about two feet tall with humanoid anatomy-- covered from head to toe in small white plumes that let them blend in well with the terrain.  They are very elusive though and are hard to spot. 

LOFAC is home to the feared Denizen Katastrofi, who dwells deep in the feather-swamped tunnels below LOFAC. 



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