The Land of Scales and Sunsets (Abbreviated as LOSAS) is Kexeus Thring's planet in The Medium. Kexeus' hive is surrounded by massive stalagmites made of golden crystalline scales.

Terrain and InhabitantsEdit

The first thing that most are able to notice about LOSAS is the four small suns that orbit the planet-- each in a different color. (Blue, green, yellow, red) These suns cover the entire planet in bright and colorful hues, and make any dark period impossible. The ground , mountains and even the consort villages appear to be made of golden and highly reflective scales that constantly refract light across the land in dizzying arrays.

The native in habitants of LOSAS are timid silver butterflys who enjoy hoarding.  

The Land of Scales and Sunsets is home to the massive denizen Kognisan, who dwells within the tallest mountains within the deepest caves of the planet. 


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