On Alternia, a group of escaped lime-bloods went into hiding after the mass genocide of the trolls containing their blood hue, managing to escape their mass extinction. They lived in secret, using their time and efforts to ensure that their blood-lines did not truly end. 

They were told to live near the location of the mother grub, combing through the hoards of pupating wrigglers and selecting young lime-bloods from the caverns before they have the chance to be culled or even begin their trials. 

Lusus BreedingEdit

The lime-blood faction is host to a small breeding farm somewhere within the underground caverns. There lusus ares specially bred to be more independent that regular lusus, more adaptable, physically capable and are able to feed themselves. They are sympathetic to the scent of lime-bloods.  

The Lusi are specially designed to look after the young lime-bloods and care for them away from the company of other trolls and troll drones such as imperials and hive-builders. Through this system -- most lime-bloods are able to stay off the radar and avoid being exterminated until they are retrieved by one of the faction to join the underground mass. 

Liberation FrontEdit

Within the faction existed a liberation front. This was made of any lime-bloods with any abilities or mutations. Not only were these trolls specially trained to be adept at battle, but they were also the only ones within the faction who contributed genetic material. This system ensured that the young lime-bloods who emerged would have a higher survival rate, and from that be more likely to return to the faction, thus boosting both their numbers and power.

There was a plan in motion for the lime-bloods to emerge from hiding once a certain goal was met-- however, this motion was thwarted with the destruction of Alternia along with all the faction trolls.

The last living lime-blooded troll is believed to be Truaga Sniaff.