For the post-scratch version of this character, see The Inflamed


Techit Strelt, also known by her Trollian handle SputteringTinder [ST] is one of the pre-scratch trolls. She wears All black, cut in the clothing style of her god-Tier, the Mage of Rage.

Her symbol is similar to that of Scorpio's, though the arrow turns at the 'M's end and is drawn diagonally across, pointing towards her right shoulder; this marking is located across the chest of her garb.


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Personality and TraitsEdit

Techit strongly suffers from her own negative emotions, and the negative emotions of other; feelings of doubt, fear and hate and is unusually easy to provoke. She feels antagonized and dominated to a great degree by everything around her. She is are and reactive because of this, so she acts on what she believes to be their only reality, which is painful and limited. It’s likely this utter strength and absolute refusal to just give in and be submissive is the reason she survived as long as she did.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

General AbilitiesEdit


Techit has an intimate understanding and experience of how to dominate, how to antagonize and how far she can go. She can instantly tell just how much someone’s willing to take before they snap and react, how to induce any reactions she wants from whoever she wants, how exactly to push people’s buttons. She is also able to understand rage, fear, anger, hatred, why people despair, why they are negative, and able to empathize with others wish such emotion.

Techit never mastered her aspect; and rather than having control of it, she had them acting against her. This was likely the ultimate cause of her downfall.