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Xandir Situla, also known by his Trollian handle delugeGlider [DG], was one of the pre-scratch trolls. He wears a white button shirt and black dress pants. 

His symbol Is symetrical, and consists of three semi-circles that curve upward in reseblance to a water jug - however, he is very seldom seen wearing it on his attire.



Personality and TraitsEdit

Xander, as a highblood, naturally feels compelled to hold himself in higher regard than the trolls below him on the hemospectrum. He is rather sophisticated, likes to use larger words and speak in an almost victorian fashion minus the lingo.

At first, Xandir may seem mean, overbearing or condescending -- but for the most part this is just an outer shell that he uses to hide his softer interior. He is openly rude to most people, often finding amusement in their failures and will make snide comments to keep their spirits down; alternately, he is shy and doesn’t speak often, often waiting for others to make an initial move.

He does his best to hide this side of him however and will sometimes force himself into doing things he would much rather not do.

Despite his attitude, he is highly protective and would never compromise the lives of those he considers to be friends; that said he values the existence of his fellow players in extremely high regard, and would never compromice them.  

He is highly influenced by what other people think of him, and will often act to impress as long as it is within his morals and comfort zone. He is not afraid to be clear about the things he wants, and will work hard to achieve them. Xandir began as someone who wanted to avoid other people and keep information to himself or just hide himself in the dark, he did however overcome this, and ended up fully embracing who he was.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

General AbilitiesEdit

As a sea dweller, his natural life span was long and his physical strength was high.


During his session, Xandir was able to boost his teammates intellect, luck, and perhaps even fate. He was also literally able to create light that would help in navigation in dark spaces and towards discoveries of great fortune throughout the game.

Xandir never did realize his full potential as a page.